Materials from Workshops

The following collection of resources have developed as supplements to our programs and workshops on learning and teaching for faculty.

Many thanks to the generosity of colleagues who have allowed us to post their materials for the use of all!

Materials from Faculty Panel on Preparing Students for an Oral Defense, Fall 2013

From Katherine Hoffman, oral defense assignment sheet used in her INQ 300

From Katherine Hoffman, how to prepare for an oral defense, used in her INQ 300

From Gary Hollis, oral defense handout, used in his INQ 300

From Gary Hollis, scoring the oral defense

Materials from Faculty Panel on Teaching Oral Presentations, Fall 2013 

From Chris Buchholz.  First, short, highly structured presentation he uses in INQ 120

From Chris Buchholz.  Final presentation used in INQ 120.  Longer, multiple sources of content, questions at end

From Gary Hollis. Example evaluation form used in INQ 250.  Gary has students generate the criteria (with his guidance).  Essentially, they talk about characteristics of good and bad presentations.  Gary normally decides how much each item "counts" in the grading himself.

From Gary Hollis.  Example evaluation form used in CHEM 221.  Like the one above, but a bit more technical and including a group presentation component.

From Gary Hollis. Example peer feedback form used in CHEM 280.

From Gary Hollis. Example individual presentation evaluation form used in INQ 300.  Senior non-major

From Gary Hollis.  Example group oral defense evaluation form used in INQ 300.

From Monica Vilhauer.  Used in INQ 120.  How to give an effective oral presentation.  Includes lots of advice/requirements for presenter, guidance for audience and her peer feedback form (asks students to pick out "one good thing" and "one thing to work on" from each presentation they listen to)

Materials from Julie Lyon, Fall 2013

Intro to SoTL Recommended Readings and a checklist for reviewing SoTL

Bibliography of SoTL texts and journals 

Materials from Rachel Collins, Fall 2013

Top Ten List on Running a Research Group that ultimately prepares students for a professional presentation (read it 10 to 1, like Letterman does!)

Materials from Deb Selby, Spring 2013

PowerPoint on Helping Students with Performance Anxiety

PowerPoint on Setting the Stage for Success in Designing Student Presentation Assignments

Handout on Presentation checklist

Handout on Outline of presentation example

Handout on Group Member Assessment

Handout on Group Activity Report


PowerPoint Slides from Paul Hanstedt, August 2012, Critical Thinking & Writing aka Writing Pedagogy Bootcamp

Day 1 PowerPoint          Day 2 PowerPoint

Materials from August 2012 INQ 300 Course Design Workshop

Day 1 PowerPoint         Day 2 PowerPoint              Writing Rubric         
 Oral Rubric                 Group Resume
Debate Points
             Group oral grade sheet      Group contract
Blooms Taxonomy (verbs for learning outcomes)


Materials from Bob Schultz, Thesis-Driven Writing, Sept 27, 2012

Odyssey Project            An integrated approach to teaching thesis