Faculty Governance System

The Faculty has established seven standing committees:

Academic Standards Committee
Academic Program Assessment Committee
Curriculum Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee
Faculty Development Committee
Faculty Grievance Committee
Faculty Personnel Committee

Duties of the Committees include

Academic Standards Committee: 

  • Recommending policies on academic standards to the faculty
  • Reviewing reports on the academic standing of students
  • Periodically reviewing grading standards
  • Periodically reviewing departments and academic programs.
  • Reviewing and helping develop standards for admission to the college
  • Reviewing and providing oversight for the academic integrity system
  • Establishing standards for awarding certain scholarships and honors
  • Helping develop academic criteria for merit based scholarships
  • Being involved in the process of student appeals regarding academic issues

Academic Program Assessment Committee

  • Conduct annual reviews of the assessment plans of all academic programs.
  • Recommend changes for the improvement of these assessment plans.
  • Assist academic programs in the ongoing development of effective assessment plans.
  • Monitor findings of assessment plans to ensure their use to improve academic programs.
  • Maintain awareness of assessment best practices.

Curriculum Committee

  • Carefully examining all proposals for new courses, course changes, and course deletions.
  • Carefully examining proposed new majors, new degrees, new concentration, and new programs.
  • Carefully examining changes in general education requirements and departmental programs.
  • Establishing appropriate deadlines for new proposals which ensure sufficient time for full evaluation of the proposal.


Faculty Affairs Committee

  • General oversight of the faculty governance system, including directing proposals to the correct faculty committees, administrative offices, and other groups for consideration
  • Establishing agenda for general faculty meetings, including administrative reports, administrative proposals, committee proposals, and other business
  • Providing a review of all proposals to be brought to the faculty, and to seek clarification when necessary, prior to placing that issue on the agenda of a faculty meeting
  • Receiving and reviewing various reports of faculty committees, etc.
  • Coordinating revision of the Faculty Handbook.
  • Managing elections to various faculty committees, etc. This duty also involves appointing short term replacements when necessary, and appointing any needed ad hoc committees.
  • Establishing rules and procedures for the committee system.
  • Advising the president on procedural issues not covered by current rules

Faculty Development Committee

  • Developing and promoting programs to enhance faculty development and scholarship, including both teaching related and research related development programs
  • Establishing guidelines for sabbatical leaves, study leaves, grants-in-time, faculty development grants, research grants, etc.
  • Reviewing proposals for sabbatical leaves, study leaves, grants for teaching and research, and make recommendations to the Dean regarding the proposals which should be funded
  • Allocating funds for clusters and task forces
  • Encouraging dissemination of faculty research and creative efforts
  • Encouraging submission of external grant proposals
  • Serving as an advocate for both research activities and development of teaching skills
  • Coordinating the Summer Scholar program

Faculty Grievance Committee

  • Acting as a hearing board for complaints by faculty regarding from alleged adverse treatment in violation of College policies or alleged infringements of faculty rights or privileges
  • Making findings and recommendations for formal grievance hearings. Those recommendations are provided to the grievant, the respondent, the Dean of the College, and the President.

Faculty Personnel Committee

  • Making recommendations to the President regarding all proposals for reappointment, promotion, and granting of tenure, following procedures in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Supervising the system for faculty evaluations
  • Recommending guidelines and procedures for the system involving appointments, reappointments, promotions, leaves, tenure, and retirement
  • Recommending policies regarding faculty workloads and equity
  • Reviewing general personnel problems

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