Roanoke College

Faculty Governance System


The Faculty has established several Advisory Groups, and Councils, which have membership beyond the Faculty

General Education Group
Resources and Planning Council
Student Life Council

Descriptions of each group and council:

General Education Group

  • To recommend appropriate courses for adoption by the Faculty (through the Curriculum Committee)
  • To ensure that general education courses and policies adhere to the program adopted by the faculty
  • To review the General Education Program assessment annually and to make recommendations as needed
  • To recommend appropriate program modifications to the Faculty (through the Curriculum Committee);
  • To provide policy recommendations and advice to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and General Education


Resources and Planning Council

  • Annually review the progress made on the College's strategic plan.
  • Systematically use information from effectiveness processes including reports, surveys, outcomes assessments from academic programs, and other relevant sources.
  • Assist the President in identifying and prioritizing major budget initiatives consistent with the strategic plan and institutional effectiveness information.
  • Advise the President on resource-and-planning-related matters at the President's request.
  • Initiate review of the College's vision, mission, and purpose statements at least every five years.
  • Propose to the President studies that it deems useful, and, upon approval, conduct those studies.
  • Report to the faculty as needed, and to provide a written annual report to the President.


Student Life Council

  • Advising the vice president for student affairs on any co-curricular matters
  • Monitoring the status of the co-curricular system on campus
  • Establishing budgets and allocations for student life activities and various student groups.
  • Arranging special events on campus
  • Providing oversight for the athletic program
  • Nominating students for various honorary organizations
  • Nominating students for the Student Conduct Board and Academic Integrity Council.
  • Supervising the student communications media (e.g. the college newspaper)