Special Information for Part-Time Faculty

Welcome to Roanoke College. We are glad to have you as part of our team as we work continually to improve the educational opportunities for our students.


In order to ensure that part-time faculty are fully acquainted with College policies and practices and know how to obtain services needed in support of their instruction, the Dean's Office will provide an orientation session for all new part-time faculty. Orientation usually takes place the week before Fall and Spring classes begin. 

Department Communication

Departments may have additional policies and procedures; this information will be provided by the department chair, who will also be available to answer any questions and provide needed assistance. Mailboxes are provided within each department for part-time faculty. In addition, an e-mail account will be set up for each part-time faculty member, which also will give access to the Roanoke College Portal and course Inquire (Moodle) sites. E-mail is the primary way important College information is relayed to the community; as a result each faculty member should check his or her e-mail on a regular basis.


The process described below has been developed to ensure that courses are being taught by part-time faculty with effectiveness comparable to that of courses taught by tenure-track faculty and to be able to document teaching effectiveness of part-time faculty.

At the conclusion of each course taught, the part-time faculty member will provide the department with a brief written analysis of how the course has gone. Included in this will be any indications of teaching effectiveness, as seen by the instructor, and any special circumstances that he or she believes needs to be emphasized.

At the point in the academic year when the department chair is evaluating other non-tenured faculty, he or she will complete a brief evaluation for each part-time faculty member, indicating clearly whether or not the instruction has met the College standards. A copy of the form is given to the faculty member and is placed in that person's personnel file. The chair is encouraged to discuss the evaluation with the faculty member.