Oral Communications

Roanoke College faculty members may use any of the materials below in their classes or may modify these material as desired.


Favorite Videos to use in class

  • In the library, you will find several sets of DVDs of student presentations that can be used to show students what you want, don't want, and to allow them to critique a presentation by the rubric you will use.  See "Student Speeches for Critique and Analysis" on reserve in Fintel.
  • Steve Jobs presentation style analyzed as a model for others


Performance Anxiety

Visual Aids


Assignment Design for Formal Presentations


Class Participation and Discussion

Oral Presentation Assignments

Group Presentations


Citations in an Oral Presentation


Responding to and Grading Presentations

  • Presentation Criteria and Rubrics
  • INQ Oral Communication Rubric This is the rubric we use to assess student oral communication skills for program-level assessment. Instructors are welcome to share this with students or to use the rubric in non-INQ courses, if desired