Roanoke College

Quantitative Reasoning Materials


Roanoke College faculty members may use any of the materials below in their classes or may modify these material as desired.

Personal Help

Dave Taylor is our Quantitative Reasoning Director.  Faculty who would like individual help in any stage of course or assignment design may Dave.  We also offer QR tutoring for students through the Center for Learning and contact Teaching.  QR tutors help students interpret quantitative information, translate it into English, and use it to support arguments in papers. 

QR is more than Math Class

QR is sophisticated reasoning using elementary.  Read more on this definition.

The case for including and evaluating QR in student writing os described in this attached document.

Hollins University has a QR Across the Curriculum requirement.  Phyllis Mellinger has provided a PowerPoint overview.  Here is an example from the Sociology of Art.