Bookstore Vouchers

Prior to or at the beginning of each semester, excess pending financial aid can be transferred to the Bookstore to be used for books. This can be done by completing an authorization form designating an amount of the pending credit be transferred to the Maroon Card. This form is sent out by the Financial Aid office a few weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Additional forms are available at the Financial Aid office or the Business Office. Pending credit may only be transferred as financial aid for books.

Students and parents should read the terms and conditions on the forms prior to signing as funds not used for books will stay on the Maroon Card for use by the student but will not be refunded.

Actual credit on the student account may be transferred to the Maroon Card into the Bookstore category (used only at the bookstore) or Maroon Money (flex money used at the bookstore and other campus locations). This can be transferred by the Business Office after receiving a completed authorization form which can be accessed on the Maroon Card link at

After the transfer is done, students may use their Maroon Card at the bookstore to get their books. This data is immediately available in the system so there is no delay.