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Workshops and Special Programs


Workshops are offered for students and alumni on a variety of topics. To register, or for more information, please contact the Office of Career Services at 375-2303, or e-mail All workshops take place in Career Services, Fowler House, unless otherwise noted.


The Fall 2014 workshop schedule will be announced later in the summer.  Any of these workshop topics may be requested for presentation to groups, and we also have other topics available as well.  Contact Career Services for more details.  All times are p.m., and location is Fowler House, unless otherwise noted.  Feel free, for regular workshops, to bring lunch, dinner or snacks to eat if you wish


1Must register in advance in Career Services.  Specific deadline will be posted for each event.

3 Contact Career Services to schedule an interview appointment for this event.

4 Register in advance in Career Services, as pizza will be served during this session.






This special program series is co-sponsored by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce Workforce Education Advocacy Group and by Roanoke College, Hollins University, Ferrum College, and Virginia Western Community College. It is designed to bridge the gap between education and business. Each session takes place at the respective business site, and includes an informational program on career opportunities for college graduates within the industry and/or business, a tour of the business, and a delicious dinner provided by the sponsoring business. These programs provide excellent opportunities for students to network with area business leaders, as well as to find out what skills employers value in their employees. Details on each visit will be provided through email and WebAnnouncer each week during the time the series is offered, and they will be available in Career Services.  Sessions meet usually from 4:30 or 5:00 -7:00pm.  All students are eligible to attend, though seniors and juniors will be given first priority. A very limited number of spaces is available for each program, and a Wait List will be developed for each. Once the schedule is posted, students are encouraged to register as soon as possible, as businesses must make plans with caterers for food needs and so on. Please register only if you are very serious about attending; "no shows" or last minute cancellations are not acceptable, as they use spots that other students could have taken, and they cost the sponsoring business because of catering costs they incur.  Fall 2014 schedule will be posted as soon as it becomes available.



Questions? Contact Career Services as indicated above.  Limited spaces available and must pre-register through Career Services.


Roanoke College Career Nights

What are Career Nights, and Why Should I Attend? Career Nights are programs scheduled for some of our alumni chapter cities, based on interest as indicated by students.  They are held at times when students are not in classes on campus, such as Fall Break and Semester Break. These events are excellent networking opportunities for summer, part-time, and/or full-time jobs and for internships. The question we attempt to answer with the Career Night programs is "If I want to live and work in (city), what can I realistically expect?"

How Does a Career Night Work?

We ask that students and graduates register for the various Career Nights by specified deadlines. The Director of Career Services then works directly with an alumni committee in each chapter to put together the program based on student needs. We attempt to find alumni, parents, or other individuals closely connected to the occupational interests of the students who plan to attend in each city. The program consists of a panel presentation and question-and-answer period regarding employment in that city in general. Panelists are then available on an individual basis to talk with the students about specific needs and interests. Many times the panelists become mentors for the students for the remainder of their college years.

What Do You Have To Do To Attend a Career Night?

Complete the registration form (available from Career Services and at these links:  Fall Break Career Nights RegistrationSemester Break Career Nights Registration). All students attending these programs are strongly encouraged to submit resumes in preparation for this event. A minimum of five students or graduates must be pre-registered for a location before a program will be planned.

When Are the Career Nights?

Career Nights are usually planned during class breaks, such as Fall and Semester Breaks, when students are able to travel to various locations.  Each program meets 6-8pm at a location in the alumni chapter city area. 

Students and graduates may attend any or all of the Career Nights. They will be held 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The specific location for each will be included in the packet of information given to all registrants. Travel arrangements and costs are the responsibility of each student. Please call Ms. Toni McLawhorn, Director of Career Services, at 540-375-2303, or e-mail her at if you have any questions or wish to participate. (She would also welcome calls from those who might like to serve on a Career Nights panel!)

Tuesday, October 14 Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, October 15 Baltimore, MD
Thursday, October 16

Richmond, VA

Monday, December 15 New York, NY
Tuesday, December 16 Boston, MA
Wednesday, December 17 Philadelphia, PA
Monday, January 5 Atlanta, GA
Tuesday, January 6 Charlotte, NC

*NOTE: A minimum of five students or graduates must be pre-registered for a location before a program will be planned.


2015 date TBA

The Portfolio Review is a chance for students to get a sneak preview of the real world. They will have the opportunity to meet with area professionals, who will offer their feedback, advice and support on their portfolios. The Portfolio Review will not only help students improve their portfolios, it will also provide them networking opportunities and help prepare them for future interviews. More details may be found at

Typically, portfolios include graphic design, illustrations or photography. Students are also encouraged to bring copies of their resumes with them.

$30 registration fee; free to members ($50 student memberships to AD2 Roanoke include the registration fee, which will not only provide the opportunity to learn a lot from the Portfolio Review, but also be able to participate in many other AD2 events throughout the year.

Students can purchase their tickets online or at the door, though the fee is a little higher at the door. Also please direct students to the AD 2 Facebook page and the Portfolio Event page at for more information. They can purchase tickets at this link Ordering tickets in advance online will save the student some money as well.

If you have questions on any of the workshops or programs listed above, contact Ms. Toni McLawhorn or Mrs. Amy Foster in the Office of Career Services.

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