Accessing Classroom Accommodations

After proper documentation has been submitted to the Coordinator of Disability Support Services for review; students are to follow these procedures each semester:

Visit: Make an appointment with the Coordinator of Disability Support Services during the first two weeks of classes or prior to the start of each semester. Your input and the review of your documentation will assist in determining what classroom accommodations will be offered to you.

Request: During your visit request the following:

  • Disability Accommodation Services Report
  • Faculty Accommodation Agreement Form

The Disability Accommodation Services Report outlines the accommodations you are to receive.

The Faculty Accommodation Agreement is a master form each faculty member will sign when the accommodations have been discussed. Once signed by all the faculty members you have informed, this master form will be returned to the Office of Disability Support Services.

Discuss: Make an appointment during office hours to discuss your accommodations with each faculty member. You do not have to disclose your diagnosis with faculty members, but you are encouraged to discuss your strengths, weaknesses and learning style(s).

Give each faculty member a copy of your Disability Accommodation Services Report and have each faculty member sign the Faculty Accommodation Agreement Form.

Return: You will return the original Faculty Accommodation Agreement Form to the Coordinator of Disability Support Services.