Roanoke College



Academic Accommodations

All accommodations will go into effect only after the faculty signature form has been received. 

Guidelines for Scheduling Tests

The Coordinator of Disability Support Services will cover the following points with all students eligible to test in the Center for Learning and Teaching:         

  • Student will distribute accommodation forms to professors and return completed faculty forms within ten business days of receipt.          
  • Our staff members can only schedule a test if the faculty member's signature is on file. We cannot hold requests until a signature is received.           
  • Student must schedule test by visiting the Test Accommodations Request Form link. All tests must be scheduled 48 hours prior to actual class testing day and time. Students scheduling without 48-hour notice will not be allowed to use the online system and will have to visit the CLT to explain the situation. ·        
    • Note: this means a complete two days before - (if your class is taking the test at 10am on Thursday, you must schedule the test before 10am on Tuesday).      
    • Monday tests must be scheduled before the test time on the Thursday before. Tuesday tests must be scheduled before the test time on the Friday before.        
    • Why: Instructors need advanced notice to have test prepared and delivered to our testing center. Our CLT staff also needs to make sure space is available.                      
    • Failure to do so will require student to take test in classroom, without accommodations.

NOTE: Your faculty members may require more than 48-hour notice. You are responsible for following their policy.            

  • Student is responsible for scheduling a testing space. We will contact the professor for you. Professor requests will not be processed.            
  • Student cannot miss other classes due to scheduling a test accommodation.   ·        
  • Student must arrive at the CLT on time for test. Late arrival will result in lost accommodation time. Student showing up later than 15 minutes will be required to obtain professor's written approval for a rescheduled test time.          
  • Any changes or requests for exceptions must be accompanied by professor's written approval.            
  • Due to the volume of requests we process, it is necessary to communicate by email. Claiming not to have checked email is an unacceptable excuse for failing to following procedure. If your email is not working, you are advised to proactively check in with our office for updates.  

Complying with these responsibilities will ensure that you receive your accommodations. If these procedures are not followed, student will take test in the classroom without accommodations.

Testing Center Policies         

  • Student must show up on time for test. For academic integrity purposes, we cannot adjust schedule to accommodate time lost to lateness. Students showing up later than 15 minutes must reschedule their test.
  • All personal items (cell phones, books etc.) not needed for the test will be left outside the testing room.         
  • Once student leaves testing area, student is not allowed to re-enter.  Use the restroom, if necessary, before beginning your test.  
  • Proctor cannot answer questions about the content of the test/exam. In some circumstances, professor may be contacted by phone with questions.