Roanoke College

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/HD)


Students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/HD) are required to submit comprehensive documentation that substantiates the ADD/HD. A qualified individual must conduct the evaluation.

This documentation should include:

  • Evidence of early impairment;
  • Relevant testing information;
  • An interpretive summary based on a comprehensive evaluation.

Documentation should include:

  1. Statement of Presenting Problem: History; Symptoms; Evidence of ongoing impulsive/hyperactive or inattentive behaviors that significantly impair functioning in two or more settings.
  2. Diagnostic Interview
  3. Alternative Diagnoses or Explanations Should Be Ruled Out
  4. Relevant Testing Information Must Be Provided
  5. Identification of DSM-IV Criteria
  6. Documentation Must Include a Specific Diagnosis
  7. An Interpretive Summary Must Be Provided
  8. Each Accommodation Recommended by the Evaluator Must Include a Rationale.