Roanoke College

Learning Disability


Students with a learning disability are required to submit a comprehensive psychological and educational evaluation. A qualified professional must conduct the evaluation.

This documentation should include current measures of:

  • Aptitude (e.g., WAIS-R)
  • Achievement (e.g., current levels of functioning in reading, mathematics, and written language)
  • Information processing

Documentation should include:

  • Diagnostic Interview
  • Assessment
  • Aptitude/Cognitive Ability- A complete intellectual assessment with all sub-test and standard scores reported is essential. Such as: 
    • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale- III (WAIS-III)
    • The Slosson Intelligence Test- Revised Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test
    • Academic Achievement- A comprehensive academic achievement battery is essential, with all sub-tests and standard scores  reported for those sub-test administered. The battery must include current levels of academic functioning in relevant areas such as reading, mathematics, and oral and written language. Such as:
      • Woodcock-Johnson-III- Tests of Achievement
      • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WAIT)
  • And if applicable, additional supplemental tests such as:
    • Nelson-Denny Reading Test
    • Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test
    • Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests- Revise

Specific achievement tests are useful instruments when administered under standardized conditions and when the results are interpreted within the context of other diagnostic information.

The Wide Range Achievement Test-3 (WRAT-3) is not a comprehensive measure of achievement and therefore should not be used as the sole measure of achievement.

Information Processing- Specific areas of information processing (e.g. short and long term memory; sequential memory; auditory and visual perception / processing; processing speed; executive functioning; motor ability) should be addressed.

Acceptable instruments include, but are not limited to:

  • Information from sub-tests on WAIS-R or Woodcock-Johnson-III Tests of Cognitive Ability
  • Documentation Must Include a Specific Diagnosis
  • Actual Test Scores from Standardized Instruments Must be Provided
  • Each Accommodation Recommended by the Evaluator Must Include a Rationale
  • An Interpretive Summary Must be Provided