Test Center Guidelines for Faculty

The Office of Disability Support Services strives to be a resource for faculty with students in their classes requiring accommodations. Please use the following guidelines and tips in fostering success for students with disabilities who require testing accommodations. For questions about our testing procedures or about a specific student's test scheduling, please contact Anne Smith at asmith@roanoke.edu or X2247. If you have questions about working with students with disabilities or concerns about any of our policies, please contact Rick Robers at robers@roanoke.edu or X2248.

Scheduling Tests ·       

Once a student schedules a test, the CLT staff will notify professor through email.         

Please reply to this email by following the link to the Faculty Test Instruction Form. 

Link to Faculty Test Form           

Please fill out entire form and only complete one form for each student.  

Deliver the test (either as an attachment or by dropping off), and the CLT will take care of the rest!    

General Tips         

Wait until you have received notice that a student has scheduled a test with the CLT to make arrangements. Please do not schedule a test for a student. Why: From an American with Disabilities Act standpoint, the student must initiate the process. Faculty and CLT staff cannot assume that a student wishes to use an accommodation.        

Please fill out online Faculty Test instruction form completely. Incomplete submissions make it difficult for the CLT to proctor test accurately.         

We are very clear in letting the students know their responsibilities. It may help to review the information that is conveyed to them: Accommodations and Test Center Guidelines for Students        

If a student fails to follow the Testing Center policies, faculty members are not required to go beyond reasonable measures to make accommodations. Please contact Anne Smith at asmith@roanoke.edu or X2247.         

To protect the integrity of our faculty's testing procedure, any change or exception granted by professor must be conveyed in writing. Example: A student comes to the testing center 30 minutes later than scheduled time and reports that the professor said it is OK to take the test later. We will not proctor the test without written confirmation from professor [a signed, handwritten note or an email will suffice].