Test Center Guidelines for Students & Faculty

Students who receive accommodations for tests/exams through Disability Support Services will be administered in the Center for Learning & Teaching Test Center.  You must be registered with Disability Support Services before you will be entitled to test in the Center for Learning & Teaching.  These procedures must be followed for every test/exam you choose to take in the Disability Support Services area.


24 Business Day Hours (Monday - Friday, 8 - 4:30 pm) before the test/exam: 

•  Students should schedule a time with the Center for Learning & Teaching to take tests/exam.  The tests/exams can be scheduled by walk-in, telephone or email at clt@roanoke.edu;


•  Tests/exams must be taken as close to the class time as possible;


•  Once a student makes the appointment to take a test/exam, the student and the professor will be sent a confirmation email message with the date and time of the test;


•  Once the student and the professor have received the email from the Center for Learning & Teaching, the professor will submit a test request form.  The link to the form is: http://www.roanoke.edu/webapps/forms/testrequest/;


•  On the scheduled date of the test/exam, you will sign into the Center for Learning & Teaching to take your test/exam.  The student must arrive at the scheduled time.  If the student is more than 15 minutes late, the test must be rescheduled.  Students should be diligent about arriving on time to take the tests/exams;


•  For purposes of security, when a student arrives to take a test/exam, he/she will be required to leave all books and materials (cell phone, Blackberry, PDA's, etc.) not needed for the test in the designated area of the testing room. Once a student leaves the testing area (CLT office), they will not be allowed to re-enter the area. The test must be submitted to the testing proctor to be sent to the professor;


•  The proctor cannot answer questions about the test/exam, but we may be able to contact the professor about test/exam questions;


• All tests/exams require 24-hour notification.  It is imperative that we have at least 24 hours to allow time for the professors to submit the paperwork and for the Center for Learning & Teaching to have staff available for proctoring the tests/exams; 


• If the request is under the 24-hour notification, it is up to the instructor to determine if the test can still be taken with accommodations.