Mission and Guidelines

The Writing Center @ Roanoke College

WE are here to help you become a more effective WRITER,
so that YOU can produce more effective WRITING.

The Writing Center @ Roanoke College values writing as an intellectual process that is closely linked to learning and thinking.  We recognize growth in writing as an individual process that happens over time, and we strive to facilitate that growth by offering constructive feedback in a comfortable environment.  We encourage writers to develop their own voices and take ownership of their writing.  Our philosophy hearkens back to the old adage: if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime. We help writers learn effective writing strategies, principles, and processes that they can then apply to specific tasks or assignments in a variety of academic disciplines and professional settings.  With the proper tools, students will be able to write with greater ease and enjoyment!

In support of this mission, we subscribe to the following guidelines.

Please ask us to:

  • Read your writing carefully and respond to it thoughtfully.
  • Ask you questions about your writing and your writing process.
  • Help you brainstorm ideas to get started on a writing or oral presentation assignment.
  • Listen to you talk through your ideas.
  • Answer questions about grammar and style.
  • Talk with you about how to organize your thoughts.
  • Teach you strategies for revising and proofreading your writing.
  • Watch and listen to your oral presentation and give you feedback.

Please do not ask us to:

  • Do the writing or creating FOR you. Tutoring is a collaborative conversation, and the WRITER makes decisions and revisions.
  • Comment on a grade you have received on an assignment, or suggest a grade you might receive.  We will respond to your writing, but we can't second-guess grades.
  • Criticize a professor or her or his assignments, grading policies, or personality.  For us to do so would be unprofessional.

Write Here.  Write Now.  Write on!

Let's talk writing.

We look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center!