Roanoke College

Services for Faculty


Tutor Class Visits and Hours Bookmarks

Upon request, a writing peer tutor will visit a class and make a brief (five to ten minute) presentation on the Writing Center’s services.  Bookmarks with the Writing Center’s hours of operation may be distributed during a class visit, or you may request bookmarks separately.  Request a class visit

Workshops and Playshops for Your Students

A variety of writing workshops, grammar crammers, and creative writing playshops are offered each semester.  Most of these events are open to anyone in the campus community, although they are student-oriented.  If you wish to require students to attend a particular workshop or playshop, please notify the Writing Center director, who can work with you on scheduling and sign-in sheets.  See the Workshops/Playshops page for a current schedule, as well as a complete list of offerings.  Faculty are invited to suggest topics for workshops.

Faculty and Staff Writing Events

The Writing Center also sponsors faculty development workshops and faculty-staff playshops on topics such as designing writing assignments, responding to student papers, and creative writing.  Please see the Workshops and Playshops list for a current schedule.  Faculty and staff are invited to suggest topics for future events.

Writing Center Resource Library

The Writing Center is in the process of developing a resource library of books, journals, and handouts for student and faculty writers and researchers.  Style manuals, guides for writing in the disciplines, and books on writing pedagogy, among others, will be included in the resource library.  In the near future, these resources will be cataloged and listed in an annotated bibliography on our website.  Faculty are welcome to visit the Writing Center and peruse these resources.