Event Scheduling Policies & Procedures

The Campus Master Calendar is maintained by the Information Desk of the Colket Center. All academic and administrative offices plus honorary, departmental and student organizations are required to schedule their events scheduled for public areas of the college on this calendar. No event shall be considered officially scheduled until the following two steps have been accomplished: 1) the event has been approved and placed on the Campus Master Calendar, and 2) the specific facility or location has been reserved by the sponsoring party.

All events, programs, meetings, practices and rehearsals must be placed on this calendar. The college reserves the right to limit attendance and participation to college students, faculty, and staff.

Recognized student organizations must receive approval for proposed events from the Assistant Dean/Director of the Colket Center before reserving campus facilities. This applies to events held on or off college property. Student organizations are requested to submit their proposed events and dates through the Campus Activities Board.

Events will be scheduled on the Campus Master Calendar in accordance with the below listed priorities. The President or a designated officer may deny permission to schedule a proposed event if it does not meet the college priorities, will conflict with previously scheduled events, will conflict with college policy(ies), or is not consistent with the mission of the college.


Scheduling Priorities


1. Events included in the Academic Calendar such as:

  • Commencement, Orientation activities, and the college-sponsored events, i.e. Family Weekend, Alumni Weekend, Founder's Ball, Welcome Back Weekend, WinterFest and Spring Fling, and
  • College-wide events sponsored by academic or administrative offices, i.e. Fowler lecture series, convocation, performing arts series, church service, Theatre RC productions, and inter-collegiate sporting events.

2. Other academic, administrative, student, honorary, or department organization sponsored campus-wide events. Campus-wide events must have as a primary purpose equal and open participation by all students, faculty and staff or consist of a major performance in which admission to the event is open to all students, faculty and staff.


3. Closed events sponsored by college academic or administrative offices, and student organizations. Closed events are of two types:

  • Events that are sponsored by an organization, but involve limited campus participation, i.e. only open to women, only open to men, only open to members, etc., and
  • Events sponsored by an organization for that organization's members and their guests, i.e. formal and informal rush events, initiation activities, cabin parties, business meetings, inaugurals, dances, etc.

4. Events sponsored by off-campus organizations or individuals or college employees or students who desire to schedule an event on-campus for personal reasons fall into this fourth priority category. Events in this category must be contracted through the Office for Community Education and Special Events or through the Colket Center Coordinator for off-campus rentals.


Scheduling Procedures


1. Roanoke College facilities may be reserved by academic, administrative departments, or student organizations through the Information Desk of the Colket Center. Off-campus sponsors must contract the use of campus facilities through the Office of Community Education and Special Events or through the Colket Center Coordinator for off-campus rentals.

2. The facilities are available at the reservation start-time scheduled. It is essential that all reservations terminate at the scheduled end-time.

3. The Information desk of the Colket Center must be notified of any facility cancellation no later than noon the day before the event, or by noon on Friday for a weekend event.

4. The sponsoring party is responsible for contact the appropriate office(s) for all setups, equipment requests or food service requirements. Colket Center is responsible for room/space reservations only.

5. Policies concerning food service, catering or outside catering must be directed to the Dining Services Office, Sutton Commons or call 375-2328. Requests for catering requires a two-week notice. Last minute requests of any type may not be able to be honored.

6. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES may be served at functions on the campus unless approved by the Assistant Dean - Student Activities (for campus community) or specifically contracted through the Office of Community Education and Special Events (for off-campus sponsors).

7. All events that are open to public will require additional security provided by the Campus Safety Office. College-wide dances, parties, socials, concerts, semi-formals, etc. may require security as determined by the Assistant Dean/Director of the Colket Center. This cost may be charged to the sponsoring group.

8. Roanoke College is not responsible for any materials and/or outside equipment left in the building overnight or during breaks.

9. The sponsoring group or individual will be held financially responsible for the costs of repairs if RC equipment or property is damaged.

10. Decorations or other materials should not be attached to the walls or doors of college facilities. The sponsoring group must remove all materials at the conclusion of the event.

11. All programs should be conducted in such a manner as not to produce excessive noise that may be disruptive to others.

12. Roanoke College is not responsible for any losses or injuries suffered by any person as a result of a room reservation and/or activities sponsored by the reserving organization.

13. Violations of the RC Event Scheduling policies and procedures may result in the sponsor or sponsoring organization losing the privilege of sponsoring future events.

14. For additional information, please contact the Colket Center, or call 378-5125.