Roanoke College

Student Organization Sponsored Events


All performance, events, activities, parties, etc. sponsored by recognized student organizations must be in compliance with Roanoke College policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and laws. The sponsoring campus organization must assist with the enforcement of policies, procedures, laws, and codes. The sponsoring organization will be held accountable for violations. Roanoke College reserves the right to end any performance, event, or activity for due cause.

Campus organizations that sponsor events on the Roanoke College campus must abide with the specifics of the following agreement:

1. During an event, all guests/participants must enter through a designated main entrance. The sponsoring organization is responsible for assisting the Roanoke College staff by monitoring the emergency exits and restricting access through these doors.

2. Roanoke College facilities, including the entire Colket Center, are designated no-smoking areas. Guests/participants may go outside to smoke.

3. All persons, backpacks, large handbags, packages, coats, and jackets are subject to search before entering college facilities or at any time within the facility in use. In addition, no bottles, cups, or other beverage containers may be brought into the Colket Center Cavern during a campus event.

4. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the behavior of its guests, participants, and audience members including the prevention of underage drinking. If the performance, event or activity is open to the public and therefore deemed a "high risk event," the College reserves the right to require Campus Safety Officers and/or Salem Police Department Officers to work the event. In this case, the labor cost may be included in the cost of the production of the event and passed along to the sponsoring organization. All security personnel for campus events must be acquired through Campus Safety.

5. The sponsoring organization is responsible for maintaining all College furniture and equipment in good condition. The guests, participants, and audience must not stand on furniture or equipment. If furniture is moved out of a facility or re-arranged within that facility for an event or activity, it must be returned to its original location immediately following the event. The sponsoring organization will provide a work crew to accomplish this task.

6. The sponsoring organization must provide a work crew to clean up following the event or activity and return that facility to the condition that it was prior to the event. In any case, the work crew may not leave the facility until the event manager on duty releases them.

7. During a performance, the sponsoring organization will ensure that there will be:

  • No genital or (for women) breast nudity.
  • No self-mutilation.
  • No ingesting substances or items that could cause permanent harm.
  • No activities involving bodily fluids or bodily functions.
  • No stunts that could cause serious injury, i.e. diving into a wading pool, bungee jumping from the rafters, etc.