Campus Activities Board

Everyone at Roanoke College may be a member of this organization. CAB is responsible for producing the majority of the entertainment on campus. Traditional events sponsored by the board include: Welcome Back Weekend, the Family Weekend Show, WinterFest, and Spring Fling. Other events include One Nite Stands, Recreational Tournaments, and Blanket Movies. Take part in planning your own fun and entertainment - become a member!

Mission: The Campus Activities Board is responsible for the coordination of the activities and scheduling of events by its constituent student organizations within the context of the college's activities calendar.

CAB may assist, co-sponsor, or subsidize constituent organizations or independently produce its own activities. These activities may stand-alone or be combined to create a series of programs or festivals. All of the events produced, sponsored, or supported by the Campus Activities Board should be consistent with the mission of the college. CAB activities are required to be approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her agents.

Funding: The Campus Activities Board derives its operating funds from the Student Life Council and ultimately from the college's annual budget. Thus, the college assumes direct responsibility for the contracts and services purchased by the Campus Activities Board.

Membership: Any full-time or part-time student may be a member of a Campus Activities Board committee. All students are eligible to hold an executive office.

The programming committees of CAB are:

  • Dance Committee
  • Games & Tournaments
  • Mainstage Committee
  • One Nite Stand Committee
  • RC Expanded
  • RC Films

If you're interested in joining, fill out a "Recruitment Form" below and submit the application to the Colket Center's Information Desk.

Student Leaders:

CAB Forms & Proposals
Event Planning Guide

Office Hours:

Monday - Liz Bransky 9-11am

Tuesday - Katrina Klaus 10am-12pm

Wednesday - Kristen Fry 4:30-6:30pm

Thursday - Parker Talbot 6-8pm


To contact the CAB via e-mail: