Roanoke College

Academic Attire


During the Commencement and Baccalaureate ceremonies, seniors dress in the traditional academic black robe. The graduation cap is a flat cap with a tassel draped over its front edge. The tassel is worn on the right side and is moved to the left side once the degree is conferred. Hoods are worn, symbolizing each of the traditional degrees offered at Roanoke College. The edge of the hood, as well as the chevrons and piping of the gown, mark the field of study of the graduate.

Students active in honor societies and organizations wear stoles/cords representing their individual groups. These do need approval from the Commencement Committee. They are generally ordered online by each group. Many of our graduating seniors wear medallions, cords and/or stoles representing and celebrating a student's special cultural heritage or membership in an academic honor society. Along with other organizations, fraternities and sororities often wear these.

Professors have the option of wearing the robes of their alma maters or wearing the traditional robes of Roanoke College.