Housing is available for your conference in residence halls on the Roanoke College campus. Roanoke College boasts over 1000 beds in air-conditioned residence halls during the summer conference season.

Residence Hall rooms are furnished with single beds (extra long mattress), dressers, closets, desks, and chairs. Rooms do not have televisions or telephones.


Residence Hall Lodging
Fees: $22.00 per person, per night

Allegheny Hall (capacity 72)

Bartlett Hall (capacity 84)

Blue Ridge (capacity 56): Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor.

Caldwell Hall (capacity 42)

Catawba Hall (capacity 45)

Chalmers Hall (capacity 57)

Chesapeake Hall (capacity 88)

Crawford Hall (capacity 161)

Fox Hall (capacity 44)

Marion Hall (capacity 159)

Ritter Hall (capacity 42)

Shenandoah Hall (capacity 40)

Shenandoah: First Floor, Second Floor.

Smith Hall

Tabor Hall (capacity 55): Ground Floor, First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor

Wells I: (capacity 29)

Wells II: (capacity 25)

Wells III: (capacity 22)

Yonce IV: (capacity 26)

Yonce V: (capacity 18)

* Stated fee does not include linens. See Housekeeping Services for linen rental details.