Each institute participant will engage in the following opportunities:

  • Six weeks prior to the Institute, participants will receive the text which will be one of the resources used during the Institute. Using a reflective journal, participants are encouraged to read the text before attending the Institute. The text will be used as a basis for keynote sessions and breakout sessions.
  • Participants will attend a three-day professional development program; lodging is available and included in the Institute fee. The program will include keynote presentations, practice-based workshops, round-table discussions and technology sessions.
  • Participants will develop curriculum and instructional plans for implementation in their respective schools.
  • Participants will be invited to present their implemented projects and/or publish their results.

Comments from Participants

"After 30 years of conferences, conventions, workshops and post-graduate studies, I finally found a 3-day that met my need, kept me focused and wanting to attend again."

"Highly trained, motivated, impassioned keynote speakers/educators that "shepherd" others through the ongoing growth process of becoming exceptional educators with each child's success in mind."

"Where else could we be treated so well but at Roanoke?!"

"I had a wonderful time meeting and interacting with teachers from all over the state. It gave me the opportunity to network and share joys/concerns with my fellow teachers."

"It's a wonderful professional development opportunity that provides restoration, revitalization and renewal. Thank you!"

"This Institute celebrates teachers. The attitude is very positive, It is evident the teachers at this Institute want to be lifelong learners!"

"Roanoke College is a hidden gem that needs to capitalize on its position as a leader in education and in teaching/learning."

"The way I am "honored" makes me remember that I am a professional; I am valued."