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You are invited to submit curriculum for publication on the MSCI Web site by providing the requested information (see application below). Submissions in the form of lesson plans or unit plans are received and reviewed by the MSCI editorial staff. Feedback will be provided by e-mail.

When submitting a lesson plan, be as concise as possible, yet convey enough information for the lesson to be carried out by others. If the model is a unit of study, you may want to choose one lesson to submit and make reference to its being part of a unit. Grammar and mechanics reflect professionalism. Lesson-specific worksheets or graphic organizers may be included. Internet links should be checked for current availability. Please do not submit any copyrighted material.

Plans should be clear, well organized and easy to follow. There should be enough elaboration in the procedure so that the beginning teacher, as well as the veteran, can understand and use the lesson.

You may submit more than one entry by repeating this process.

School District:
Building name and address:
School e-mail:
Home e-mail:

Which theme(s) would be the best descriptor for your curriculum? (You may mark more than one.)
Please select:

Concept-Based Instruction
Cooperative Learning
Differentiated Instruction
Education Leadership
Engaged Reading
Inquiry-Based Instruction/Reading Across the Content Areas
Multiple Intelligences
Social Justice

Please choose the appropriate content area:
Please select one:

Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Health and Physical Education
Language Arts and Reading
Social Studies
Social Justice

Grade level best taught:
Title of lesson:
State or national standard:

Lesson Plan:

Please include the following components:

  1. Objective of lesson
  2. Materials/equipment needed
  3. Scoring guide, rubric or other assessment (optional)
  4. Teacher-created lesson (no copyrighted materials)
  5. Important: include a one-sentence description and three individual key words (i.e., money, budget) for the search engine
  6. Accommodations for students with diverse learning needs

You may submit electronically, or send a paper copy to Roanoke College, Department of Education, ATTN: Linda Lindsay, 221 College Lane, Salem, VA 24153.

Upon acceptance, please be aware that your work will be made available for public use on the MSCI Web site.