Roanoke College

Copenhaver Institute


MSCI 2015

Engaging Students
with Poverty in Mind
June 22-24, 2015


Keynote Speakers:

 Dr. John Almarode

 John Almarode is a professional development associate with The Leadership and Learning Center. He has worked with all age groups in education, from pre-kindergarteners to graduate students. As a young teacher, he taught secondary mathematics and science in Augusta County, Va. Currently, he is a faculty member at James Madison University and works with pre-service and in-service teachers. Almarode has conducted staff development workshops, keynote addresses, and conference presentations on such topics as student engagement, evidence-based practices, and designing classrooms with the brain in mind. He offers participants ready-to-use strategies and the brain rules that make them work. He has authored several publications and has recently published a children's book to help educators inform students about their amazing brains.

Dr. Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen co-founded the world's largest brain-compatible academic enrichment program, SuperCamp, which has over 55,000 graduates. Since 1985, Jensen has focused on staff development and has trained over 100,000 educators. These programs introduced the science of teaching and learning to teachers around the world. He also is the co-founder of the Learning Brain EXPO, the world's first conference that links neuroscience to everyday educational practices.

Formerly a secondary teacher and university professor, Jensen has become one of the leading translators in the world of neuroscience into education. His best known books are Brain-Based Learning, Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Super Teaching, Enriching the Brain and Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind.