RC Catering

Catering Your Event at RC

RC Dining Services caters many events in the Colket Center and numerous other locations on campus. A variety of special catered events are available for your conference group.  Our goal is to provide quality service, exceptional food and convenience for all of our guests.  We know a special event is about creating memories and we are here to assist you with all of the details to make your event unique.

NOTE: Some of these events are for large groups only.
Contact RC Dining Services for more information. 

Catering Services, Menus, and Prices

RC Catering offers the following services:

-Reception Selections
-Served Luncheon
-Served Dinner
-Cold Buffets & RC Cookouts 
-Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese & Dessert Trays
-Specialty Displays
-Bar Service
-No Frills Catering

For more information and pricing, please consult the Catering Menu.