Brian Murtagh

Brian joined Roanoke College in 2010 as Production Chef . With over 25years  of  being involved with the Culinary Arts, Brian is responsible for forecasting food production, managing food bids, in addition to purchasing and receiving food and supplies related to our department. He spends our dollars carefully, seeking quality ingredients and ensuring our fiscal soundness.

After starting his career in Richmond, working through all the positions in the kitchen, He received his Associates' degree in Occupational Science-Culinary Arts, at Johnson and Wales University, in Providence, Rhode Island.  Throughout his career, Brian has owned his own restaurant, been an Executive Chef at University of Virginia,VMI, Westwood Club, and most recently, Roanoke Country Club.

Chef Brian is dedicated to being a foodservice professional. He believes that imaginative menus and top quality food causes all people, especially students, great happiness, which in turn causes a high level of productivity resulting in a better quality student.