Thursday Elderscholar Series - Spring 2014

Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 pm, Roanoke College

Lunch immediately following in the Sutton Commons

Thursday,March 13
Pickle Program Lounge
Colket Center (1st floor)

The Adventures of a One-Eyed Fifteenth-Century
German Poetic Knight or: From Heretics to Hot Tubs  

Dr. James Ogier
Professor of German/Department of Modern Languages

Thursday, March 20
Pickle Program Lounge
Colket Center (1st floor)

Capturing the Flag: Social Change and the Meaning of America
Dr. Shannon Anderson
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Thursday,March 27
Pickle Program Lounge
Colket Center (1st floor)

Sentiments Across the Commonwealth: Local Economic Indicators
Dr. Alice Kassens
John S. Shannon Professor of Economics

Thursday, April 3
Pickle Program Lounge
Colket Center (1st floor)

The Antikythera Mechanism and a Palimpsest:
The Genius of Archimedes

Dr. Roland Minton
Capp-Whitehead Professor of Mathematics

Thursday, April 10
Olin Recital Hall
Olin Hall

Cookin' for the Big House: Virginia's Enslaved Plantation
Cooks and their Kitchens

Dr. Kelley Deetz
Assistant Professor of History


Registration Fee - $75.00 per person (lunches included)


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