Student Papers/Scholarships

The generosity of Mr. Fowler has made possible an annual research paper competition to recognize outstanding student papers dealing with recent U.S public policy.

"Public policy" is defined as a plan or course of action designed to influence the content, quality or extent of governmental activities—or private sector activities, profit or nonprofit—of significant public interest. The policy may be local, state, U.S. national or international in its impact. It may deal with the history of such a policy, the administration of the policy, or itself be a policy proposal.

Paper Specifications

The deadline to submit a proposal for a paper is April 1 each year. This proposal should be an abstract (250 words maximum) and an outline (2 pages maximum). Proposal should be submitted electronically to Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef (

Two clean, unbound typed copies (one without your name) plus an electronic copy of the finished paper must be completed and delivered by Spring Reading Day, preceding final exams for the semester. Papers should be 5,000-15,000 words in length and follow a recognized documentation format. Papers should be submitted to Judi Pinckney (, West 204.


The following prizes may be awarded:

  • “Excellent Papers” will be awarded $2,000, or a $4,000 graduate scholarship.
  • “Distinguished Papers” will be awarded $1,500, or a $3,000 graduate scholarship.
  • “Superior Papers” will be awarded $1,000, or a $2,000 graduate scholarship.

Winners may wait three years to use their prizes. Papers are evaluated by a multidisciplinary panel whose members have no previous involvement with the papers submitted for judging. The panel’s judgment on awards is final.

Award-Winning Papers

Award-winning papers are available in the Fowler Archives Room of the Fintel Library. Recent winning titles include:

For information about this program, please contact:
Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef, Department of Public Affairs
(540) 375-5297
West Hall 202