Roanoke College

Retirement Plan


Roanoke College offers the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan through TIAA-CREF. The College contributes 9.5% of annual salary and employees have a mandatory contribution of 5% of annual salary. Employee contributions in excess of 5% may be contributed to TIAA-CREF's Group Supplemental Retirement Account (GSRA). Beginning January 1, 2015 full and part-time regular new hires will have an one year waiting period to become eligible for Employer Contributions. An eligible new hire with a prior 403 (b) plan will become eligible the first month following employment.

Retirement Limits for 2015

401k/403b/457 Deferral Limit


401k/403b/457 Catch Up Limit (Age 50+)


Link to Salary Reduction Agreement Form - TIAA-CREF 

How to Enroll

All eligible employees must enroll online. Use the link below for step-by-step instructions.
How to Enroll Online.

Investment Options and Other Plan Information

Defined Contribution Plan Investment Comparative Chart
Defined Contribution Plan Summary of Plan Services and Fees  

Tax Deferred Annuity Plan Investment Comparative Chart
Tax Deferred Plan Summary of Plan Services and Fees

Customer Service:

TIAA-CREF (800) 842-2776


TIAA-CREF/Roanoke College microsite
TIAA-CREF Information for Beneficiary Changes