Human Resources Forms

Employment Forms


NOTE for Student Employees: The below forms MUST be completed and returned to the Human Resource Office BEFORE the employee can begin work. Once the paperwork has been accepted, the supervisor will receive notification from Human Resources that the student employee is cleared to work.

Student Forms

Student Job Placement Form (To be completed by the supervisor)
Va Employment Commission
I-9 form (Employee must present original documents)
Federal W-4
Virginia VA-4
Direct Deposit Form (MS Word)
Confidentiality Statement


Faculty and Staff Forms

Confidentiality Statement
Confidentiality Statement Sub-Contractor
Job Application
New Employee Technology Request 
Personnel Action Form
Staff Performance Appraisal
Staff Professional Development Request
Tuition Remission Request
Tuition Exchange Request

For Changes to Tax Status and Direct Deposit Information Only

Federal W-4
Virginia VA-4
Direct Deposit Form (MS Word)

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the information, these forms should be delivered in person to Human Resources.

Additional Information

Leave Submission Form (Exempt Employees Only)
Employee Self Service (Cavern, Dining, Grounds, Housekeeping, and Plant employees only)
Stipend Payment Request
Worker's Compensation Accident Report
Verbal Corrective Action Form
Written Corrective Action Form

Payroll Information

Link to Payroll Schedules
Pay Advice Instructions
IRS Withholding Calculator
Notice 1392 (Supplemental Form W-4 Instructions for Nonresident Aliens)