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Service To All Roanoke Award (STAR Award)

  1. Purpose: A annual staff service award has been established by Roanoke College in recognition of outstanding accomplishment and distinguished service to the college community.
  2. Eligibility:
    1. Nominees for the award must meet the following requirements.
    1. Must be employed by the college for two years (not in a temporary position). The length of service beyond this two year period will not be a consideration in the deliberation for selection.
    2. Employed full-time or part time.
    3. Free from any disciplinary reviews.
    4. Not awarded the service award in the previous five years.
    5. Persons must be nominated each year. No nominations will “automatically” be carried over to the next year.
  3. Procedure:
    1. Any member of the College community, including Cabinet, exempt and non-exempt staff, faculty, and students may nominate a qualified staff member by completing the nomination form. (NOTE: Individuals can nominate themselves. However, a supervisor must sign the nomination form.)
    2. The identity of the nominator will be kept confidential but the nominator’s name is required on the nomination form.
    3. All nominations must be submitted in writing using the on-line form, the paper form or the printable (PDF) online web form.
    4. Nominators may resubmit the name of someone they previously nominated and can ask that the previous nomination form be used or can obtain information from the previous form if desired. This will not be done automatically.
    5. The Director of Human Resources will verify that the “finalists” meet the eligibility requirements.
    6. The Cabinet will serve as the selection committee and may consult with appropriate members of the college community.
    7. Two awards will be given each year. This award will be given to individuals only.
    8. A monetary award will be awarded to each individual named as the recipient of the STAR Award.
    9. Nominations must be received in the Human Resources office by November 12, 2010.
  4. Selection Criteria:
    1. Nominations received after the published deadline cannot be considered.
    2. Positive consideration for the STAR award presumes a high standard of performance in the position held at Roanoke College by the candidate. The award recognizes individuals who act above and beyond the call of the duties of their position at Roanoke. Consideration for the award will be given to those who actively participate and engage in one or more of the following areas:

      1. Active engagement in campus events and programs especially those involving students. Examples of such events and participation might be student performances, recitals, concerts, plays, athletic events. Special focus is placed on events and programs allowing direct involvement with students.
      2. Active service to fellow employees at the college. Candidates should demonstrate support and concern for fellow employees in times of need. This area may include consideration of candidates who are mindful and affirming of the needs of colleagues at the college in or out of their division or work unit.
      3. Collegial and cooperative conduct with fellow employees.
      4. Civic or religious-related service in the community beyond Roanoke College. Such service should be as a volunteer and active participant in Roanoke Valley or area agencies and institutions.
      5. Professional activity as appropriate to the candidate’s field. The criteria address situations in which individuals act in professional capacities in a manner that raises the visibility and prestige of Roanoke College.
      6. Involvement with volunteer work that helps to improve the quality of life and/or environment.
  5. Presentation:
    1. The award presentation shall be made at the annual Celebration of Achievement, Service and Innovation held in April.
    2. Each recipient will receive a monetary award and a plaque with the name of the award, year of award, and name of the recipient. A second plaque listing recipients will be displayed prominently on campus and will be updated annually with the name of the recipients.
    3. Prior to the presentation, the name of the recipients may be kept confidential.

STAR Award Nomination Form

STAR Award Nomination Form (PDF)