Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Victims of sexual misconduct are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct.   Victims of sexual misconduct can be assured that all reports will be taken seriously and that they will be treated with dignity, respect and in a non-judgmental manner.

Any staff, faculty, or other non-student member of the College community who becomes aware of possible sexual misconduct must report the possible misconduct to one of the College's Title IX Coordinators as soon as possible. (Excluded from this requirement are licensed counselors, clergy, and health care professionals.) If a student requests that his or her name be held in confidence, the report communicated to a Title IX Coordinator is not required to include personally identifiable information. 

Students are strongly encouraged to report possible sexual misconduct to one of the Title IX Coordinators.

Roanoke College encourages individuals to report alleged sexual misconduct immediately in order to maximize our ability to respond promptly and effectively, however there is no time limit for reporting. 


Cases of sexual misconduct should be reported to one of the Title IX Coordinators:


Cathy Dickerson

Title IX Coordinator and Director of Human Resources 

(540) 375-2262

Room 210 College Hall


Dr. Jennifer Berenson

 Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Administration

(540) 375-2204

Suite 110 Administration Building


Dr. Brian Chisom

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Sexual Misconduct and Associate Dean of Students

(540) 375-2592

Room 205 Alumni Gymnasium


Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous reports of sexual misconduct can be submitted in writing to any of the Title IX Coordinators listed above or through the Campus Safety Website's Anonymous Silent Witness Form (  The level of detail or identifying information regarding the alleged misconduct will determine the College's ability to thoroughly investigate and respond to the complaint.


Procedures for Responding to Reports of Sexual Misconduct

Roanoke College will investigate all reports of sexual misconduct regardless of whether a victim decides to file a complaint through the criminal justice system.  Investigations will be prompt, thorough, and impartial. The extent of any investigation will be influenced by the level of threat to the individual and the community, the willingness of the victim to file a formal complaint and/or participate in the investigation, and the level of confidentiality requested by the victim.  The College will strive to resolve complaints within 60 days; all parties will be notified in writing if additional time will be needed to resolve the complaint adequately.

If all alleged victims and alleged perpetrators are students, the College's response will be handled according to the procedures outlined in the document "Guidelines for Conducting Title IX Investigations." All other cases will be handled according to the procedures outlined in the document "Guidelines for Conducting Title IX Investigations involving Faculty or Staff Members."