Roanoke College

10.0 Summary And Closing Word

This Handbook is a summary of the principles of the College, the benefits to which you are entitled and the obligations you assume as an employee. These provisions constitute management guidelines only and are in no way to be interpreted as a contract between the College and any of its employees. Moreover, the College expressly reserves the right to modify or delete any of the provisions contained herein. We hope that you have read your Handbook carefully and will keep it for future reference. If you have any questions concerning the policies or benefits outlined in this Handbook, please ask your supervisor about them.

We may occasionally revise some of the policies in the Handbook or add new policies and benefits. Changes in business and academic conditions will undoubtedly require changes in the Handbook. Be sure to keep any notification of policy changes that you receive. Further, departments may develop internal policies supplementing or modifying these policies as necessary for effective operation.

You are now a part of our team. Roanoke College has made considerable progress since its beginning, and the credit goes to each individual employee. Your job is important toward is continued growth and security. By all of us working together, the College will be unsurpassed in the field of higher education.