7.0 Problem Solving Procedure


Your work-related complaints or problems are of concern to us whether they are large or small. It is our purpose to provide for you an effective and acceptable means to bring your problems concerning your well-being while at work to our attention. For your benefit, we have established a problem solving procedure to be used by all employees.

It will always be our policy to let an employee tell us his or her side of the story and give full consideration to the problem or complaint. There will be no discrimination against anyone for his or her part in presenting a complaint or in discussing a problem with a supervisor or anyone in our management. If you follow these steps, no one will criticize you or penalize you in any way. The sole purpose of our problem solving procedure is to help you work out any problems or complaints you have to the satisfaction of both you and the College. Remember, the only way we can help answer your questions or solve your problems is for you to tell us about them.

Any employee who has a questions about interpretation or application of College policy, or is in disagreement with a fellow employee or supervisor, shall take the following steps:

Step 1 - Your immediate supervisor. If you have a complaint to make or if you feel any action by the College or your supervisor is unjust, talk to your supervisor about it. You supervisor knows more about you and your job than any other member of management and is in the best position to handle your complaints or problems properly and quickly.

Be sure to talk to your supervisor within five (5) consecutive work days of your awareness of a problem. If the problem or complaint you have is with your supervisor, you may omit Step 1 and go directly to Step 2:

Step 2 - Your department head: If you have not received a satisfactory answer or settlement from your immediate supervisor, you will be allowed five (5) days to refer your problem in writing to your department head. You may obtain assistance from Human Resources in preparing the written presentation of your problem and you, along with a Human Resources representative, may then present your problem to the department head. They will then provide you with an answer within five (5) days of your presentation.

Step 3 - Your Dean or Vice President: If a satisfactory settlement is not reached in Step 2, you should then present the written complaint to the Dean or to your Vice President. The Dean or Vice President will try to resolve the problem within five (5) days and notify you of his or her decision. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you may proceed to Step 4.

Step 4 - President of the College: If you are not satisfied with the recommendation provided by your department head, you have an additional five (5) days to request an appointment for a personal interview with the President of the College, who will then respond within five (5) days of the personal interview. Because the responsibility for the operation of the College has been delegated to the President, any decision rendered by him in a problem situation must be regarded as final and binding.