Roanoke College

8.0 Separation From Employment



Roanoke College considers its normal retirement age to be 65, however, employees may continue to work as long as they are professionally and physically able. In recognition of the trend toward earlier retirement, College employees may retire as early as age 60.

An individual who has reached the age of 60, has served 15 years (or its full-time equivalent) with Roanoke College, and who chooses to retire is considered an official retiree. We maintain contact with our retirees and are pleased to list them in our College directory. (See Appendix D)

An individual who retires with less than 15 years of service may request to be retained on the mailing lists of the College and is welcome to participate in the activities and events of the College community.


Although we hope you remain with us, sometimes personal affairs force a change in jobs. If you decide to resign, you are expected to give your supervisor, in writing, at least 10 working days of notice. Department heads, supervisors and professional employees are expected to give (in writing) 20 working days of notice unless otherwise indicated by mutual agreement. Accrued vacation may not be used for working days of notice unless approved by the supervisor and Human Resources. This advance notice will allow your supervisor time to adjust working schedules and attempt to secure a replacement. This act of courtesy will be entered on your employment record and will be reflected in future references. Employees who leave in good standing are given consideration if they wish to return to work at Roanoke College at a later date.

Employees who do not report to work nor contact the College for three consecutive working days will be assumed to have voluntarily resigned their position without notice and will be processed accordingly.


If an employee's performance is unsatisfactory, the individual may be notified of the problem and the supervisor will work with him or her to correct the situation. The disciplinary procedure is outlined in Section 9.0. If this is not successful, the employee may be dismissed. If you should be dismissed, a full explanation of the reason will be given to you by your supervisor. Dismissals are always unpleasant and costly, so will not be handled lightly. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, you have a right to an interview with Human Resources and/or to initiate the problem solving procedure as outlined in Section 7.0.


An exit interview will be conducted by Human Resources for anyone who terminates employment from the College. The purposes of this interview are to review the circumstances of your termination, review your benefits, receive your keys, uniforms, identification card and Handbook, and to resolve any outstanding financial obligations.

The information obtained during the exit interview is regarded as confidential and is never allowed to adversely reflect against any individual. An exit interview may provide us with valuable information that can be used to make Roanoke College an even better place to work.


The College is always glad to cooperate with former employees by answering as fully as possible any employment inquiries which may be received from prospective employers. Should you wish the College to provide a reference for you, you must put this request in writing to Human Resources.