About IT

Technology at Roanoke College

Roanoke College provides cutting edge technology to support and enhance living, learning, teaching, research, innovation, scholarship, productivity, business and data management.

Technology highlights:
Laptop on the quad
·         High-speed wi-fi in residential halls and throughout campus
·         Direct network connection for students upon request
·         Cable TV
·         Help Desk that offers consulting and repair services for students, faculty and staff
·         High speed internet connection that supports1 gigabit per second; doubled to 2 gigabits per second for Fall 2015
·         Speed of backbone: 1 gigabit per second
·         Fast virtual blade servers provide file storage, web applications and RCRC (Roanoke College Remote Computing) for students, faculty and staff
·         MyRoanoke portal for checking email, picking up class assignments, checking the dining menu, searching the library catalog, registering for classes and more
·         Inquire online system (Moodle) enables faculty to provide digital enhancements to class in one central location: assignments, documents, datasets, videos, lectures, audio files, quizzes, and more
·         All classrooms have computers and AV systems
·         High performance computing available for teaching, learning and research
·         TV studio and video editing center
·         Computer and media tools available for loan
·         3D printing resources
·         18 computer labs providing a wide variety of academic and productivity software

In order to help provide a safe computing experience for students, faculty and staff, Roanoke provides free antivirus software for work and personal computers, along with extensive systems-wide information security including a next generation firewall and state-of-the-art spam filter. To help everyone keep up to date with the latest technology, IT makes available new versions of Windows and Microsoft Office as they are released.

Students are often seen making use of the wireless network on the back quad on sunny days or collaborating with their laptops in the Library.



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