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Technology at Roanoke College

Roanoke College Information TechnologyMore than 2500 student, faculty and staff computers are connected by a campus network with a gigabit backbone and serviced by a 120-megabit-per-second connection to the Internet. All residence halls have wireless internet access. Students may also request a direct network connection in their residence hall rooms. The entire campus is covered by wireless network access, including classrooms, the Colket Student Center and the Fintel Library.

Ninety-seven servers with over 61 terabytes of storage provide email, file storage and web pages for students, faculty and staff. Students log onto the MyRoanoke portal to check email, pick up class assignments, check the dining menu, search the library catalog, register for classes and more.

Faculty make extensive use of technology in classes by using the Inquire online system to distribute materials to students; the 18 computer labs to teach students how to use new programs; computers in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs for collecting data or one of the media classrooms for presenting lectures. All of the classrooms at Roanoke are outfitted with instructor computers and media projectors. The faculty are also constantly experimenting with new technologies such as tablet PCs, classroom electronic response systems (clickers) and ePortfolios for students.

In order to keep the students up to date with the latest technology, the college provides new versions of Windows and Microsoft Office as they are released as well as antivirus software for the students' personal computers. The campus firewall and three layers of virus protection protect the students from viruses and filter out 120,000 spam email messages a day.

Students are often seen making use of wireless network access on the back quad on sunny days or working on projects together around their laptops in the library.

As a partner in the local community, the College assists in providing Internet access for the City of Salem, Salem City Schools, and the Lutheran Synod office as well as serving as a test bed for new technologies such as mesh wireless networks and broadband-over-power-line networks being developed by local companies.


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