Roanoke College



Our alumni have gone on to do great things.

The experience that you receive as a ITSA worker has helped many of our alumni get a great job in the technology field. Many didn't even major in Computer Science.

Alumni Testimonials

During my tenure at Roanoke College I worked at RCIT and found a great home and anchor both socially and professionally. Although I graduated with a degree in Philosophy the experience I gained from working in the IT department was invaluable and, in some ways, my best activity that paved the way to a successful career. Afterwards, Jacob Jackson was able to help me find my first IT job and then I was able to move on to working for Mailtrust, the mail division of Rackspace Managed Hosting, which is one of the leaders in the hosted IT field. I absolutely love my job and have RCIT to thank for the experience I was able to gain.

- Peter Lubbs ‘06

After graduation I found it difficult to find a job in the field in which I expected to work. I was able to utilize my strong customer service and phone skills developed at RC's IT Helpdesk to get hired as a 911 call-taker where I could also apply my knowledge of Criminal Justice to help people and save lives.

- Kari (Jessen) Buechner ‘06

Working with IT actually helped me a lot getting my job. I shall mention that I am working as application developer in the IT department of an Engineering Company. During the job's interview, the head was very impressed with the knowledge I had written down in my resume. In fact, most of the knowledge I had on my resume were related to the Technician job I had done at Roanoke College IT department. Interestingly, the interviewer offered me to choose the position I prefer.

I am developing window's applications for AutoCAD. Without my IT Technician experience, I would have no idea how to deploy the applications (editing registries, uploading dll files, etc).

Moreover, working at Roanoke College IT, helped me get a good sense of the work environment, especially IT department. At least, I can recognize what each person is responsible for.

- Mohamad El Charfa ‘08

Information Services at Roanoke College had a major impact on my career as an experienced IT professional. As a Psychology major taking education classes, I pictured myself as either a teacher or seminarian. I thought that working in the IS department was a great way to make pocket money while doing something I loved to do. I was not planning for a career in IT.

I have been working in computer-related jobs since I left Roanoke College in 1997, and I have been a professional software engineer since 1999. I have worked for well-known companies including Global Knowledge Training LLC, Symantec and IBM. I am currently employed as a System Test Engineer for a leading telecomm solutions provider, Tekelec, Inc.

My colleagues come from some of the best engineering programs in the country: N.C. State, RPI, Virginia Tech and Florida State. My liberal arts education including psychology give me an edge as a quality assurance engineer. Roanoke College trained me in testing, measurements and research design -- skills that I use to insure quality software for our customers.

As an student technician I had the freedom and resources to experiment with Linux, UNIX and Apple years before these platforms were influential. Working with faculty and staff helped me to develop good customer service skills. These skills helped me survive difficult times in the IT industry.

My experience in the Information Services department at Roanoke College set me on my career path as an experienced IT professional. I would recommend your department as an excellent way to prepare for any career and especially high tech.

- Israel J. Pattison ‘97