Log Me In

LogMeIn has recently announced that their software is no longer free. Click here to get information on that. VPN which is recommended by the college is available here for free.

1.      On your Office Computer: Go to https://secure.logmein.com/

2.      If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one

3.      Click "Create an Account" in blue on the right hand sign under the "Log Me In" button

  • You should get an email to verify this account shortly after creating it. You need to do this as soon as possible! DO NOT IGNORE THIS EMAIL

4.      Click the green button "Access Computers Remotely"

5.      Then you will create an account


  • Before you click continue, make sure the "I will use LogMeIn for IT Support" is NOT checked

6.      Click Continue once you have created you finished filling out the form

7.      You then click "Download" to install the LogMeIn software on your computer

a.      The process may take a couple of minutes to get started

8.      Once the LogMeIn box appears, click "Next"

9.      Then Click "I Agree"

10.  Then select "Typical (recommended)" install and Click "Next" again

11.  The description should be left as it is: This is the Computer Name

12.  Then enter the credentials for the LogMeIn account you just created

  • Make sure you select the "LogMeIn FREE" bubble instead of the "LogMeIn Pro2"

13.  Click "Next"

14.  Click "Next" again

15.  Click "Finish"

Now that you have installed the software on your office computer and created an account, you can now access this computer from any other computer at any location! For instructions on how to remote in, follow the instructions below:

1.      On your NON Office Computer: Go to https://secure.logmein.com    

2.      Log in with your LogMeIn credentials on the far right side

  • This is not your MyRoanoke credentials!

3.      Click the green button labeled "Remote Control". This is found beside the computer and below your computer name

4.      You then login with your MyRoanoke login credentials

  • Make sure you change the last box, "Log On To" from the computer name to "Academic"

5.      Once you are logged in, click "Remote Control" on the far left in blue

6.      Then click "Ok" to proceed to remote in.

7.      You can then use the tool bar at the top right in black for the following features:

  • Flip Screens (if you have more than one monitor): button is two screens, one on top of the other

  • Change Resolution: button is purple with slanted arrow in middle

    • Change this to "Match Resolution"

  • Change Color: button is four color boxes

  • Control Alt Delete: Use this to unlock your computer, button is three squares stacked as a pyramid

  • Change Volume: button is row of bars and a speaker with an x on it

  • To end the remote session, click the white "x" in the top right corner


If you would like your office screen to go blank while you are remoting into it, please follow the instructions below:

1.      Log in to your LogMeIn account

2.      Click the green "Remote Control" button

3.      Login with your MyRoanoke Credentials

4.      Click "Remote Control" in blue on the left hand side of the screen

5.      Once you are remoted in, Click "Options" in white at the top left hand corner

6.      Click the check box on the far left of this box labeled "Blank Screen"

7.      Then click "Install" once the box appears

8.      Once it is complete, you will get a message to let you know the driver has been installed. Click "Ok"