Roanoke College



Basic Information

Roanoke College provides resident students fast network and Internet access from all residence hall rooms through a wireless connection. Students will still have the option of a wired connection in their residence hall rooms upon request

Any computer can be hooked to the Roanoke College network, whether is it running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Apple Macintosh OS X or Linux. Roanoke College's connection to the Internet is thousands of times faster than dial-up connections, and hundreds of times faster than broadband (cable or DSL) connections.

We provide each student personal storage and web space, Microsoft Exchange e-mail accounts and access to MyRoanoke (Roanoke College Portal). In addition, Roanoke College provides each student with an installation of Microsoft Office Professional and Sophos End Point Protection.

Computer Recommendations 

Why a Laptop?

We recommend laptops because most students appreciate the mobility and convenience they provide. Their size allows them to be taken anywhere on campus and use the Wi-Fi network which is available in the common areas of residence halls, as well as in academic buildings, the student center, Fintel Library, both quadrangles, and all Residence Halls. However if you or your student do not desire to purchase a laptop Roanoke College is well equipped with many computer labs across campus. 

Roanoke College does not require students to have a computer, but many students find if convenient to own their own.