Having your own computer in your residence hall is not a requirement. If you are considering purchasing a new computer, Roanoke College offers a Recommended Laptop Program with attractively priced HP and MAC laptop computers. For more information click here.

Most students find it more convenient to own a laptop due to ease of portability and limited desk space in the residence hall rooms. An additional advantage of a laptop is that you can take your laptop to any academic building, the library, the quadrangles, or the student center and access the network with a wireless network adapter.

Because of licensing arrangements with software vendors, you are not allowed access to the same programs on your own computer that are available to you at a college-owned lab workstation. Therefore, there will be times when you’ll need to go to a computer lab to complete your assignments. If you choose to bring your own computer, you may connect it to the Roanoke College network from your residence hall room to check your email, access the Internet, and access network drives.

Do you need a computer? That is a question that only you can decide based on desire and personal finances.