Sources of technical support available to students:

  1. Your Fellow Students: Often your fellow students are the best and fastest source to help you resolve computer problems.
  2. Your Computer Vendor: When you purchase your computer you should also receive some level of technical support. Be certain you know what this is at the time of purchase and obtain the appropriate phone numbers.
  3. Local Computer Vendors: Many local computer stores provide expertise in resolving hardware and software problems. Be sure you agree to a flat price or price per hour before signing any service agreement.
  4. Information Technology: The support provided by Information Technology is limited to assisting students with connections and access to the wireless and wired network here on campus. We assist students who are having problems connecting to the web, email and to their network drives on the file servers. We can also support virus removal and issues, as well as hardware work on Dell and HP computers. Other hardware and software problems will need to be referred to one of the other above sources.