Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Job Description

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Responsibilities and Duties

1. Oversees the continuous development and implementation of the Institutional Effectiveness Plan by which the College measures improvement and holds itself accountable to its constituents.

2. Guides College efforts to satisfy the requirements of SACS, including the preparation for, and follow-up to, the process of reaffirmation of accreditation; supports the work on the Quality Enhancement Plan; acts as principal staff member in management and support of the Self-Study and its committees.

3. Provides general support to the College's assessment program through direct support of the academic and administrative units. Consults with academic units in developing, measuring, and analyzing learning outcomes and administrative units in developing, measuring, and analyzing performance outcomes.

4. Coordinates the Program Evaluation Process (PEP) reviews of academic programs, including work with the affected departments/programs, arranging for external evaluators, chairing the panels, writing the reports, and doing the follow-up required to ascertain changes made as a result of the process.

5. Designs data collection instruments and assists with conducting surveys to assess both College-wide and departmental goals and objectives.

6. Oversees the College plan for academic assessment, determines a common timetable for assessment stages, and advises all academic assessment activities by aiding with the selection of assessable criteria and the selection or development of appropriate instruments.

7. Serves as a clearinghouse for program assessment reports and for those in general education, honors, and Intensive Learning in partnership with other staff members and supports reaccreditation efforts in the Business Administration, Athletic Training, Education, and Chemistry programs.

8. Assists with the maintenance of a comprehensive institutional assessment database and reports on College assessment activities as requested/appropriate.

9. Provides for the assessment education of faculty and staff by arranging conferences, workshops, etc., and maintaining a library of assessment methodology, ideas, and materials and builds and maintains a pool of current resources and information about national assessment issues by attending appropriate conferences and procuring relevant publications.

10. Recommends policies and procedures to improve the College's institutional effectiveness program and performs other duties as may be required.