Student Learning

Student Learning through the Pathways Program

Students participating in the Pathways Program will:

  1. Critically reflect on experience from academic, personal/professional, and civic perspectives.
  2. Articulate learning gained through experience.
  3. Demonstrate effective reasoning or problem solving skills.
  4. Collaborate effectively.
  5. Synthesize knowledge in a final project or showcase.

A Model for Experiential Learning

David Kolb's model for experiential learning contains four key elements that interact in an interactive pattern:

  1. Concrete Experience-Doing or having the experience
  2. Reflective Observation-Reviewing or reflecting on the experience
  3. Abstract Conceptualization-Drawing conclusions, learning from the experiences
  4. Active Experimentation-Planning or trying out what was learned




In addition to the learning process, we envision the model

 working at multiple interconnected levels including:


  • Academic Content
  • Personal/Professional Growth
  • Long-term Societal Engagement