Students can take an international travel course with a Roanoke College faculty member during the Intensive Learning term in May or study abroad for a semester or year in over fifty countries on six continents. Each year approximately 200 Roanoke College students participate in Roanoke College-sponsored international study programs.


Roanoke College International Exchanges

Students who participate in international exchange programs enroll directly in a foreign university and take courses designed for local students, courses specially designed for international students, or a combination.


Roanoke College Affiliated Programs

Roanoke College affiliated programs offer a variety of study abroad destinations and structures. They include programs at overseas colleges, programs that facilitate direct enrollment at foreign universities, programs run by other U.S. colleges, and programs run by nonprofit organizations.


Intensive Learning Term International Travel (May Term)

Roanoke College faculty offer a wide variety of international travel courses during the May Term as part of the Intensive Learning Program. May Travel courses have taken students to every continent except Antarctica. The course content, destinations, and costs vary from year to year.


Teacher Licensure Program

Roanoke College's Education Department offers students earning teaching certification the opportunity to complete their semester-long student teaching requirement at international schools in Europe and the Middle East through international student teaching placements.


Summer Study Abroad

Roanoke College is a co-sponsor of the Virginia Program at Oxford, which enables students to participate in a six-week study program at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford.


The Assistant Director of International Education, Scott Couchman, works with students individually to assist them in choosing the study abroad program that best meets their academic needs. Students are welcome to stop in to discuss their interest.


Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

  1. Develop a global perspective on contemporary world problems.
  2. Earn academic credit toward your degree.
  3. Expand your job opportunities in the global marketplace.
  4. Experience firsthand different cultures and customs.
  5. Improve your foreign language skills or learn a new language.
  6. Gain a new perspective on your own country.
  7. Discard your stereotypes.
  8. Make new friends around the world.
  9. Increase your independence and self-reliance.
  10. It will change your life!