Procedures for Accepted Students to study on Non-Roanoke College Programs

Procedures for Accepted Students - Non-Roanoke College Programs

Once you have been accepted for study abroad by your unaffiliated program, you will need to do the following things: 

  • Complete and return any forms your program or host university may require regarding your course choices, housing, etc. Follow all instructions your program sends and provide any documentation they require.

  • Check with your program to see if you need will need a student visa. Apply for your visa as early as possible as it can take several weeks to get a visa. Read the information on the appropriate embassy's or consulate's website regarding applications, fees, required documentation, and appointments carefully. If you have questions regarding obtaining a visa for your host country, contact your program. If you need further assistance, see the Assistant Director of International Education.

  • Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation program. You will be informed of the time and date of orientation by the Assistant Director of International Education.

  • Prepare a budget, including air fare, personal expenses, independent travel, and an emergency fund. Determine how you will meet these expenses.

  • Ask your bank about the fees that will be charged for accessing funds at ATMs overseas. The fees vary substantially from bank to bank. Before departing the U.S., notify your bank that you will be abroad for an extended period so they do not put a hold on your account when they see overseas charges.   

  • Check with your health insurance provider to ascertain what coverage, if any, you have outside the U.S. Purchase any necessary supplements or riders or purchase special study abroad health insurance for the period you will be overseas. The Assistant Director of International Education can provide information on study abroad policy providers.

  • Register your intended dates of travel with the U.S. Department of  State. You will also find country information, travel alerts, and other useful information for U.S. citizens living or traveling overseas on the "International Travel" page on the website Note that Roanoke College policy prohibits students from studying for RC credit or with the benefit of RC financial aid in countries under Department of State travel warnings. We also strongly discourage students from traveling independently to countries under travel warnings during their study abroad period.

  • Most programs will routinely send a transcript of your academic work abroad to Roanoke College but it is important to check to be sure this will be done. You cannot receive any credit for your work abroad until the Registrar's office has received an official transcript.