Deakin University

Deakin University is ideal for students looking for scholastic excellence, top quality research, industry partnerships, tailored courses, and, of course, fun. The Deakin University program offers you the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses from the following academic faculties: Arts; Business and Law; Education; Health; Nursing and Behavioral Sciences; and Science and Technology. You may also choose from coastal campus locations near the world famous Great Ocean Road, home to Australia's best beaches, or in Melbourne, a cosmopolitan capital boasting world-class recreational facilities and events. Each campus offers a distinct and unique living and learning experience and provides the services, facilities, and student-centered approach for which Deakin is renowned. The unique internships available on many campuses allow students to work in a variety of disciplines including Public Relations, Environmental Science, Journalism, Sociology, Performing Arts, and Business.

Deakin University provides a unique three-day orientation that takes you the beach and is designed to help make the transition into Australian university life as easy as possible. You will be introduced to various aspects of Australian life including activities like guided hikes along cliff tops overlooking the Southern Ocean, surfing lessons, and a presentation on Australian culture. On the third day of orientation, you will return by bus to your campus of study and will spend the following day attending a campus-specific Enrollment and Orientation Program where you will formally enroll as a Deakin student and be introduced to the local community.


Roanoke College students pay Roanoke College tuition and fees. Qualified Roanoke College students may request to have their financial aid applied to the cost of one semester of tuition for study at Deakin University.

Housing, meals, transportation, student visas, and health insurance, among other incidental expenses, remain the responsibility of the student.