International Student Teaching

Roanoke College's Education Department provides opportunities for students in the teacher licensure program to complete a semester long student teaching requirement at a US Department of Defense Dependents School or in an accredited international school. Schools are located in Munich, Germany; Aviano, Italy; Lakenheath, Scotland; and Doha, Qatar. All instruction is in English, and students seeking an elementary or secondary teaching license are eligible to apply to the program. Two units of academic credit are awarded for the course and upon completion of all other program requirements a Virginia teaching license is awarded. Costs of the program vary between locations. If housing is not provided by the local education authority, the student is provided assistance in locating appropriate lodging. Typically, housing and food expenses are similar to living off of campus for a semester. Student teaching requires close observation and analyses of teaching styles, methods, human-relation techniques, disciplinary strategies, and classroom management techniques. As the semester progresses the student teacher eventually assumes responsibility for all daily tasks associate with classroom instruction and management, including detailed lesson plans and meeting regularly with the supervising clinical faculty member to discuss and review progress. When not directly responsible for instruction; the student teacher assists in routine tasks, plans for future instruction, studies content knowledge and curriculum goals, provide individual and small group tutoring, and participates in regularly scheduled school activities. Students live in local communities with opportunities for cultural and language immersion.