Roanoke College

Kansai Gaidai University


Kansai Gaidai University is a leading institution in Japan noted for its commitment to international education. Options include homestays and dormitory residence with other international students. Located in Hirakata City, near the famous temples and gardens of Kyoto and the vibrant commercial metropolis of Osaka, Kansai Gaidai has an enviable setting. Kansai offers a wide range of courses in English and prior Japanese is recommended, but not required.

The combination of a rigorous Japanese language program in addition to lecture courses in the humanities, the social sciences and business, makes it possible for participants to approach a wide variety of study areas during their stay in Japan. All courses are conducted in English, with the exception of those concentrating on the Japanese language, so it is possible for even those students with little previous Japanese language training to pursue their areas of interest.


Students pay full time residential costs to Roanoke College and receive equivalent benefits in Japan.