Regent's University London

Regent's University is located within Regents Park, central London, adjacent to a serpentine lake, the rose garden, London zoo, and public tennis courts. Regent's has a compact, green campus, an international student body and numerous Americans who study abroad in a liberal arts environment. Regent's offers courses in business, history, English, theatre, art, political science and other fields. Modest offerings in the areas of sociology, mathematics, computer science, biology, religion and philosophy complete the courses offered. "London is our campus" is Regent's motto; courses use London theatres, museums, libraries, historic sites for field study and excursions. 

Roanoke College students may study for one semester at Regent's University. All courses are taught by English instructors and the residential college provides on campus housing and a refectory with adjacent pub on the premises. There is a fitness center, tennis courts, library, computer lab and plenty of classroom space.

Course descriptions can be found here.


Roanoke College students pay their full tuition and fees, standard double room rate, and 19 meal plan to Roanoke College.

Roanoke students take part in all the activities of the campus at Regent's during their term. Some additional costs include: the cost of transatlantic air fare and other elective travel in Europe; books and supplies; transportation in London, usually with a monthly pass; field trips associated with certain classes (e.g. English class trip to Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon).

Regent's University provides a travel agency on its campus to assist students with their many options and the academic week ends on Thursday evening to allow for a full weekend of activity in London or elsewhere. Application forms are available from Office of International Education in Room 206 of the Administration Building.