Universidad Publica de Navarra

The public University of Navarra is a relatively new institution, set in famed Pamplona in the Pyrennees mountains of the north of Spain. Courses are taught in Spanish and English (Business Administration). The Pyrenees lie in the picturesque Basque region of Spain, bordering on France and offering access to mountain sports as well as the famous streets where the annual festival of Julio de San Fermin brings thousands to enjoy the 'running of the bulls'. Students proficient in Spanish may take courses in any discipline offered at the university, including Sociology and Social Work, Education, Economics and Business Administration. Students seeking certification in Education may wish to do an internship in the public schools of Pamplona (see Dr. Maria Stallions for details).


Information regarding coursework available in both Spanish and English can be found here.


This is a bilateral exchange of benefits between Roanoke College and UPNA, wherein RC students pay tuition and fees to Roanoke College and are responsible for the costs of room and board in Spain.